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    It is well known that regular exercise provides physical, mental and emotional benefits, including increasing overall happiness. Additionally, happiness expert Shawn Achor says you can increase and spread that happiness by sharing the physical experience with others. This allows you to benefit from the deepening of social connections as well as from spending time around other happier people! When it comes to building strong teams, HRDive argues that people who share challenging experiences also share a closer bond. So why not try something different and integrate challenging exercise at your next corporate event? There are so many ways this could be done to catch the attention of an audience or to strengthen the bonds on your team.

    Meet FitDel- Fitness Delivered

    Brothers Kyle & Eric May own and operate FitDel, a fitness & exercise rental company in Austin, TX. They provide club quality fitness and exercise equipment for your home or business. From cardio to strength training equipment, they rent and deliver it all. Customer favorites include treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, all types of bikes and adjustable dumbbells. Kyle began this company many years ago because he saw, from traveling at a young age, how a sedentary lifestyle has devastating effects on health and wellness in the lives of those around the world. He wanted to do something about that and provide people easier access to try out new equipment without requiring the overwhelming commitment to the entire investment or the inconvenience that maintenance, moving and storing exercise equipment can create. He brought on his brother, Eric, in 2013 to help spread the word about how FitDel makes achieving a healthy lifestyle easier and more accessible. Since that time, they have realized that more and more corporate customers are utilizing fitness equipment in their events because it draws attention, helps communicate corporate values, and leaves a lasting, positive impression for the brand.

    Best Ways to Use Fitness Equipment at Your Event

    Treadmills at UT

    Tradeshow or Conference Booth

    The key to a successful tradeshow booth is providing something that catches the eye and draws attendees in. Something that makes them stop as they walk by, giving your reps the chance to strike up a conversation with them. So take time to create a true showstopper experience at the next tradeshow. Events like IHRSA’s 2019 Fitness Expo or the Paleo f(x) event coming up in Austin this April are obvious opportunities to showcase your workout-related product or service with fitness equipment in the booth, but any type of event could utilize some basic items to really create a “wow” experience for attendees. Put a few treadmills, ellipticals or spin bikes in your booth and bring in some well-known athletes compete in front of your live audience. Even better, allow attendees to enjoy the equipment while being coached by an expert or engaging with some new virtual reality experiences. Finally, you can go the route of pure entertainment and hire some professional dancers to perform. They don’t have to be Carson Dean’s level, someone like this is just as fun to watch!

    Employee Engagement Event

    There are so many ways you can get your employees active and having a fun time together with exercise. And as we mentioned above, going through challenging experiences together creates strong bonds between people, leaving team members individually stronger and healthier, but also creating a more cohesive unit. Some fun ideas include bringing in spin bikes for a fun demo class to experience together, getting outside to be active through kayaking or canoeing, or how about a treadmill competition to keep up with marathon record pace? Two fitness writers (and a professional athlete) tried to keep pace with Ryan Hall’s marathon running and shared their experience in this interview. Through FitDel, the options are endless when you have so many choices in equipment that can be delivered right to your location and set up ready for action!

    Product Launch or Store Opening

    To incentivize prospective customers to attend a grand opening or new product launch, consider bringing in equipment that allows guests to test wearables and other fitness gear. Let them try some items on and run on a treadmill or elliptical to get a feel for the gear in action. Or create a n event with some top local athletes who compete live at your location like the upcoming Treadmill Challenge in Monana where 12 of Montana’s best athletes will compete at the Runner’s Edge, a local fitness store in Missoula Montana. They are engaging the audience through the entertainment but also benefiting a local charity that is important to the community. What a win/win!

    FitDel Giveaway

    Lucky for you, the ideas for utilizing fitness equipment really are endless and because of the generosity of our new partner, FitDel, one Reventals fan will get to try out their service! FitDel is offering one winner a custom home gym rental, delivered to their location. This can be up to 3 pieces of equipment for up to 30 days ($500 value) and they want you to use your imagination for the best possible use for your business. Use it for a conference breakout session or booth, a grand opening to wow your customers, or a special event for your employees. FitDel also delivers custom home gym rentals for people in executive rentals, vacation rentals and hotels through their concierge service, so you could even use this to try out some new workout equipment in your own home! Enter on Instagram today. See details & fine print on our giveaway page here. Winner will be announced Tuesday, December 18.

    I’ll leave you with this little gem…Ok go music video featuring treadmills. That’s classic entertainment right there!



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