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    Event Planning

    At Reventals, we’ve helped thousands of event planners find everything they need for hundreds of different events. These range from big corporate gatherings and school carnivals to charity galas and private parties. Now, it’s time to share our expertise.

    Whether you’re organizing the yearly office holiday party, a big conference, or planning a school carnival with a big budget for the first time, we’ve got you covered. Our tools and resources will give you all the info you need to pick out the perfect rentals for your Austin event.

    We’ve got tons of great information to share on event planning, so feel free to use this table of contents to jump to the information you need!

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    Resources & Calculators to
    Make Event Planning Easier

    Planning an event can be stressful, especially if you’re unsure what you need or how to use something you’ve rented. That’s why we’ve assembled some tools and calculators to make planning way easier, and a lot less stressful:

    Ultimate Guides for Event Planning

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    Best Practices for Event Planning

    Budgeting for an Event

    One of the most important parts of planning an event is nailing down how much money you have to spend on things like tables, chairs, tents, food, games, music, and activities. How your budget looks depends on what kind of event you are planning, and whether you are a part of an organization or simply planning a backyard barbeque.

    However, there are still some best practices that all event planners can use when ironing out their budget:

    Begin your budget planning as soon as possible. Early planning gives you a clear picture of potential costs and allows you to adjust your plans according to your budget. Be realistic about what you can afford to avoid stretching your finances too thin.

    Identify what’s most important to your event and allocate your budget accordingly. Not everything needs a big portion of your budget, so decide what you can scale back on or eliminate.

    Keep an eye on your budget and expenses as you plan. If you’re approaching your limit in one area, find ways to cut back in another. Flexibility is key to staying within budget.

    Keep a detailed record of all expenses. This includes quotes, receipts, and invoices. Tracking helps you stay within budget!

    Common Rentals for All Events

    There will be tons of unique activities you can plan for an event, but there are necessities that pretty much every event must have to be successful. So, we’ve put together a list of the most popular rentals for all kinds of events:

    Planning the Event

    After you have a budget lined up, it’s time to plan the specifics of your event. This might look slightly different depending on the type of event that you are planning, but here are some general things that every event planner should follow when getting down to the nitty-gritty of planning:

    Putting together a great event starts with having a great team. Look for people who are excited to help and who have different skills.

    Looking for vendors can take a lot of time, but using Reventals makes it super easy. Reventals is a website where you can find everything you need for your event in one place. You just add what you need to your cart, and the team at Reventals finds great vendors for you. It's like having a team do all the hard work of finding the best deals and quality items, so you don't have to worry.

    Use social media, emails, and flyers to spread the word. Think about who you want to come to your event and try to reach them in the best way possible. 

    How It Works

    Don’t let a vendor ruin your event! In the past, locating quality vendors that have everything you need for an event was a pain. That’s why we launched Reventals, an online marketplace that helps people find the rentals they need – without the hassle.
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