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  • Top 12 Ways to Use Your Large Marquee Letters Rental

    Large marquee letters rentals have been a hot ticket at every event this year. With many letters and numbers as well as custom marquees built to order, the options are endless. Letters can be used indoors or outdoors but do need a power source to light up. Popular options include Mr. & Mrs., Marry Me, Hope, initials and names. There are so many ways to use these rentals for your wedding, engagement, school event, church holiday, graduation or any other celebration. Here are our top 12 ideas for using large marquee letters rentals at your next party or event!


    1. Proposal

    What a fantastic way to memorialize the moment! This ice skating rink in Dallas with the large lighted letters “MARRY ME?” was the perfect way to pop the question.

    marquee letters dallas proposal

    Courtesy of Marquee House of Letters

    2. Wedding

    A timeless and classic combination of giant initials makes a beautiful backdrop at this wedding.

    large marquee letters rentals A & C

    3. Birthday Party

    Celebrate the milestone in style with a giant marquee letters rental announcing the name of the honored guest!

    marquee letters birthday boy name NOAH

    Courtesy of Marquee House of Letters

    4. Celebrate the Season

    Large marquee letters complete any seasonal celebration at your business, church or local organization.

    large marquee letters Hello Fall

    Courtesy of Alpha Lit Austin

    5. Graduation Party

    Celebrate your graduates in lights! School initials, graduation year, and school name are all popular requests.

    large marquee letters rental WHS 2021

    Courtesy of Alpha Lit Austin

    6. Special Church Service

    Whether around the holidays, Easter or another special time of year, marquee letters display a beautiful message. Any organization can do this with the tagline or theme of their event as well!

    He is risen marquee letters

    Courtesy of Alpha Lit Austin

    8. The Ultimate Sports Event

    Cheer on your favorite team and your event will sure to be one to remember.

    marquee letters Go Bears

    Courtesy of Alpha Lit Chicago

    9. Bachelor/ette Party Upgrade

    Get the party goers in the right mood with a fun word or phrase to commemorate the event. Think outside the box and use a favorite word of the bachelor or bachelorette or a descriptive word that conveys the style of the wedding!

    Swanky large marquee lighted letters

    Courtesy of Alpha Lit Austin

    10. Sorority/Fraternity Bash

    Welcome your brothers and sisters back to campus in lights! Sororities and fraternities love to use these rentals to have a pop at the entrance to their event. It also creates great photo opportunities for sharing on social!

    Large lighted letters alpha xi delta

    Courtesy of Alpha Lit Austin

    11. Promote Your Business

    Put the key word or phrase in lights to set the stage for your corporate event.

    marquee letters ONWARD

    Courtesy of Alpha Lit Austin

    12. Light Up your Open House

    These lighted letters really pop at night! Use them to showcase your newest listing and gather attention from around the neighborhood.

    OPEN HOUSE marquee letters at night

    Courtesy of Marquee House of Letters

    Where Can I Rent Large Marquee Letters Rentals Near Me?

    Reventals has these rentals available in many cities including:

    Link to Shop

    How Much Do Large Marquee Letters Rentals Cost?

    Large marquee lighted letters tend to cost about $80 per letter or number.

    What Size of Giant Marquee Letters Rentals are Available?

    Typically they are 3′ feet tall or 4′ tall.

    Can I Use Large Marquee Lighted Letters Rentals Outside?

    Yes, they can be set up outside but do need a power source in order to light up.

    Candace Leak

    Candace is a 3x Start-up Founder and Certified Event Rental Professional (CERP). She geeks out on brainstorming bold ideas and then actually brings some of them to life. She is currently the CEO of Reventals, where her mission is to reduce overconsumption by making it as easy to rent as it is to buy.

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