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    Reventals’ Complete Guide to Party & Event Stage Rentals

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    Reventals provides stage rentals for indoor and outdoor events in Austin, Houston & San Antonio. Whether you need to rent a portable or mobile stage for conferences, speeches, presentations, concerts, festivals, fashion shows, weddings or other events, we’ve got you covered! But we get a lot of questions when people are searching for portable stage rentals. Here is some information on renting a mobile stage that we hope you find useful. And you’re always welcome to email us at or text us at 1-800-908-3470 if you need help figuring out what size stage rental will be best for your party.

    What Size Stage Rental Do I Need for My Event? And How Much Does a Stage Rental Cost?

    When considering what size stage to rent, start with the overall size of the venue. Asking the venue coordinator what size stage typically fits is a great first step. Then, consider how large it must be to accommodate the activity that will take up the most space on the stage. A much small 20 square foot stage rental can accommodate a single speaker at a podium, but if you will also have a 12-piece band performing in the final moments of the event,  you’ll need to rent a much larger stage, like a 16′ x 28′ (foot) rental. It is best to consult with the performing group to ensure you provide ample stage space for their entire setup including additional equipment. Here’s a handy chart for figuring out what size stage rental you need and how much that stage rental will cost.

    Stage Size Square Feet Group Size No. of

    4 x 4 Panels

    Avg. Price
    8 x 12 96 Single speaker with podium 6 $210
    16 x 12 192 Panel of speakers 12 $420
    16 x 20 320 5-8 piece band 20 $700
    16 x 24 384 8-10 piece band (rectangle) 24 $840
    20 x 20 400 8-10 piece band (square) 25 $875
    16 x 28 448 10-12 piece band 28 $980

    Stage Rental Accessories

    There are a few extras you will want to consider with your stage rental.

    1. Stage stairs with handrails should be rented with each stage, to ensure that speakers and performers can get on stage with ease.

    stage stair with handrails

    2. Be sure to rent stage skirting to cover the space between the stage and the floor where there may be messy and unsightly cords running underneath for the audiovisual and stage lighting equipment rentals. Traditional black gathered skirting is available as well as white spandex skirting for a more modern look.

    black stage skirting

    White spandex Stage skirting

    3. Pipe and drape is usually rented to create an elegant yet simple backdrop for the stage. The most common options are black or white, either 8′ or 12′ tall in a economical banjo or luxury velour fabric.

    black pipe and drape

    Fancy Background Drape

    4. Stage guard rails $25 each 4′ length x 3.5 height

    stage guard rails

    More Stage Rentals: Event Furniture Rentals, Stage Props & Decor

    Here are some options for stage furniture rentals you can provide for your speaker or panel of guests on stage: There are tons of  lounge chair options for any budget and style like this french country arm chair, modern gray chair and lounge chair with cushions. They range from $40/day- $150/day.

    Lounge Furniture Chair Rentals

    You can also rent entire furniture sets for a more complete look. These start at $670/day and go up to about $1400/day.

    Lounge Furniture Sets

    For a wow-factor on stage, consider Giant Lighted Marquee Letters:

    giant lighted marquee letters A & C

    Or other themed decor like this Lighted Austin sign:

    light up Austin sign

    Finally plant rentals & tree rentals help bring the outside in and make for lovely stage rental decor.

    Plant rentals range from $30-$78/day depending on size:


    Tree rentals range from $40 for this Artificial Fiddle Fig tree rental to $100 for this Topiary Tree rental.


    We have tons of other ideas for how you can jazz up your stage rental for SXSW or other festivals, events, concerts, and presentations. Don’t hesitate to email us with your questions about party and event rentals for Austin, Houston & San Antonio!


    Candace Leak

    Candace is a 3x Start-up Founder and Certified Event Rental Professional (CERP). She geeks out on brainstorming bold ideas and then actually brings some of them to life. She is currently the CEO of Reventals, where her mission is to reduce overconsumption by making it as easy to rent as it is to buy.

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