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  • Best Types of Chair Rentals for Events in 2024

    When I planned a party for my parents, I needed to rent chairs and tables. Until then, I never knew how many different types of chair rentals were available. Today, I respond, every day to requests for party chair rentals; and most people don’t have an exact type of chair in mind when they first start the party planning process.

    If you’re planning an event, I hope this helps you understand the types of chairs rented for events.

    Most Common Types of Chairs Rented for Events

    Type Avg. Price
    Stackable, light weight, folding Poly Chair $1.50
    Wood or Resin Chair with Pad $3.00
    Chiavari Chair $7.00

    Poly Chairs

    In the first category, the stackable, lightweight folding Poly Chairs, you will generally find either poly or alloy chairs at every rental company. These are the least expensive chairs you can rent.

    • Manufacturers make poly chairs from polypropylene, a type of plastic.
    • They create alloy chairs by mixing two elements, including at least one metal, making the alloy chairs slightly sturdier than the poly ones.

    You will also hear these chairs called Samsonite chairs, but that is just a brand name (the same company that makes the luggage). This can be confusing because Samsonite makes both plastic and metal chairs.

    These stackable, lightweight folding chairs range from $1 each to $2 each and generally come in black, charcoal, or white. If you find that they are particularly cheap,  (for example, $1), ask about the condition of the chair. If you are looking for a white chair to rent, it is also important to ask about any discoloration.

    Resin/Wood Chairs

    The second category is the Resin or Wood chair. These are more sturdy than the poly or alloy chairs, and they usually come with a cushion so they are more comfortable as well. You will also hear these referred to as garden or wedding chairs.

    Most rental companies offer these in white, black, and wood colors and they run about $3/chair.

    Chiavari Chairs

    The Chiavari chair is also known as a Chiavarina. This chair was created by an Italian cabinet maker in 1807. These are also commonly referred to as bamboo chairs, Tiffany chairs, or wedding chairs.

    Most rental companies carry these in several different colors including white, black, gold, silver, and wood. These are the most expensive, running about $7/chair, but they make an elegant addition to your event décor.

    Other options

    Some people will rent chair covers with the chair rental options above or with a conference chair. These chairs have thick padding because they are made for events where people will sit for a long time, and are also known as banquet chairs. You’ll see them a lot in hotels for big events like weddings, conferences, and galas because they can stack up easily and move around from one room to another. The usual cost to rent one of these conference chairs is about $4.

    Chair covers range from about $3 – $6. I usually recommend going with the elegant Chiavari chair over spending so much on chair covers, but it does depend upon the theme and style of the event.

    I’ve gone over the most common party chairs for rent, but there are many other event chairs available to rent as well including barstools, ghost chairs, king and queen chairs, antique chairs, kids chairs, high chairs, and more.

    If it’s available to rent in Austin, Reventals has access to it. We work with over 200 party & event rental companies in the Austin area so we can find the best options and pricing for your event & party rentals. The best part is you do a lot less work but pay the same price that you would if you went directly to the rental company.

    Reventals has places to rent chairs in these locations:

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    Let me know what you think or what other topics you’d like me to cover. Email if you need help finding chairs for your event or just want general advice on event rentals. We are always happy to help.


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