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    We’ve helped thousands of event planners source a lot of event rentals for hundreds of corporate events, school carnivals, non-profit galas and social parties since launching our one-stop shop party & event rental company, Reventals. So, we thought it was due time to share our know-how so that whether you’re a veteran corporate event planner sourcing for the annual holiday party or conference, or a first-time carnival chair planning the highest budget event for the booster club, you have all the information you need when sourcing your  Austin party & event rentals. Once you’ve given this a quick once-over, download our Party & Event Rental Checklist to keep on hand when planning your next event!

    table setting for a wedding or dinner event

    • Tables: If you’re trying to fit the most people into a space, 60″ round tables typically fit best. They usually seat 8, but you may be able to squeeze 10. For details and other table rental options, check out Table Sizes & Seating.
    • Chairs: The least expensive chair is a plastic folding chair, but it is not very sturdy, so for an alternate, affordable option we recommend a resin chair. You can get fancier depending on theme of the event as they can really add a lot to the decor. This Chair Rentals Blog offers descriptions and prices for the best types of chair rentals.

    Beautifully set table for wedding or event

    • Linens: Other than farm tables, ALL rented tables must be covered. This is something to never skimp on! The least expensive tablecloths to rent are polyester. Specialty fabrics quickly get expensive but again, can really add to the overall look & feel of the event if you’re going for something special. You may consider buying vs. renting once you see the prices for rentals, but consider the time/cost to press the linens before and clean them afterwards. If you need help figuring out what size table covers you need for your specific tables, we’ve got a guide for linen sizes too!
    • Dinnerware: When choosing dinnerware, consider whether you need formal dinner place settings, informal place settings or just what works best for the buffet line. See what you’ll need to set a formal vs informal table here and what place setting rentals typically cost here. Some rental companies require dinnerware to be returned clean, but all rental companies require at least rinsing of food particles. So if you’re hosting an outdoor event, consider where you will rinse the dishes at the end of the night. If this is a huge problem, perhaps consider some eco-friendly disposable options instead.
    • Barware: We recommend a multi-purpose glass like a highball/ old fashioned, which can be used for water and most cocktails. We’ve also got some other options for popular glassware. Here’s some help for figuring out how much alcohol you’ll need and how much barware to rent.

    Chocolate fountain

    • Food & Beverage (Concessions): Here are the most popular concessions rentals and by far, in Austin we rent more margarita machines than anything else. If you’re selling this food, you’ll need a food permit.
    • Stage: These always require professional setup. Check out our guide to stage rentals for details on what size stage you’ll need &  how much it will cost.
    • Dance Floor: Dance floors need to be set up on a level surface. If you are setting it up on gravel, grass or dirt, you’ll need to rent a subfloor which almost doubles the price.
    • Audio/Visual (A/V) & Lighting: Depending on the size and scale of your event, you may need a technician to go out before the event to determine exactly what you need. See some basic options here.

    inflatable slide

    • Games: Get people interacting with great games at your event. From casino nights, to back yard games, to large inflatables and carnival rides, you can always find something to entertain and engage your guests. Check out our post for help choosing the right games for your event.
    • Inflatables/Rides: Keep in mind that you will need to rent generators if you don’t have electricity available within 50 feet of the ride location. Inflatables less than 20′ (feet) tall can be secured with sandbags. Over 20′ need to be staked into the ground, but check with your facilities manager about whether or not irrigation lines will be at risk. If so, you’ll need to rent water barrels to secure them instead. If you choose to stake and cause damage to the irrigation system, the rental company will not be liable. Always check on your vendor’s insurance coverage to confirm that it fits with the guidelines of your business or organization. Some organizations require paid attendants at every ride to ensure proper liability coverage.

    • Tents: You can either stake a tent into the ground or secure with water barrels like inflatables mentioned above. Barrels aren’t too attractive on their own, so for a fancy or elegant event be sure to add water barrel covers. Use our handy calculator to figure out what size tent you need, and keep in mind that in Austin, any tent over 20 x 20 in size requires a permit.
    • Lounge Furniture: Finding the perfect event furniture can take a lot of time depending on the style and feel you want. From cool LED options to modern, farm house or vintage styles, there are so many choices to consider. Letting our free rental consultants search for what you need is the quickest way to check it off your list! For some inspiration, check out our feature of Loot Vintage, an Austin favorite for furniture rentals.
    • Heating & Cooling (HVAC): The most common heating rental is the propane mushroom style heater. Be sure to check restrictions with your venue because some don’t allow propane tanks and require electric heaters which are harder to source. When cooling, an evaporation or standard floor fan will do the job, while a misting fan is an option but may leave your guests a little damp. If you’re looking to heat or cool an outdoor tent, you’ll need to consult with a HVAC technician to figure out what size system you will need to create the sense of a comfortable indoor room.
    • Restrooms: Standard portable restrooms cost about $150 to rent but those come with no handwashing stations or lights. Using a heated or cooled trailer is much fancier and are flushable with sinks. These luxury portable restrooms start around $1250 to rent.

    Photo booth at an Austin, Texas event

    Don’t forget to grab our checklist below so you have it on hand as you are planning your next event! And we have tons of event rentals FAQs so keep poking around to learn more.

    Event Rental Checklist

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