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  • How to Heat a Party Tent Without Electricity

    Outdoor tent with sidewalls rental

    A tent under the stars makes for an exquisite event venue. For winter events, a heated party tent rental can ensure your guests are comfortable.  

    The most economical option is to simply rent propane tent heaters. However, this option has severe limitations. Since these run on propane, they must have a well ventilated area, which means you can only put these on the parameters of the tent without sidewalls.  This option will increase the temperature about 5 degrees in the immediate vicinity of the heater. 

    Outdoor tent rental without sides

    This propane patio heater rental can be used along the perimeters of the winter party tent.

    Propane Patio Heater Rental

    If you are in a colder climate, I highly recommend adding sidewalls and tent heaters, which will be placed on the outside of the tent for ventilation. The heat will be forced into the tent with a fan or through ductwork, just like your home furnace works.  This method will increase the temperature inside the tent by 20-30 degrees.

    Heated Tent Ventilation

    Figuring out the tent size and then what size heater you need can be daunting, and really every job is different with multiple options. Variables that can affect the pricing include surface, how many people will be in the tent, and average outdoor temperatures.  However, you have to start somewhere, and the purpose of this chart is to help with planning and budgeting.

    Tent Rental Sizes and Estimated Tent Heater Needs

    Tent Rental Size with Sides Estimated Tent Heater Needed Approximate Total*
    10 x 30 – $500 7-10 KW Est:23,000 BTU $400 – $800 $1000
    20 x 40 – $700 18-20KW Est:60,000 BTU $600 -$1,000 $1500
    20 x 50 – $800 22KW Est: 75,000 BTU $800 – $1200 $1800
    30 x 60 – $1400 40KW Est: 135,000 BTU $1,000 – $1,400 $2500
    40 x 60 – $2000 60KW 200,000 BTU $1,200 – $1,600 $3400

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    What other costs should be considered for heated tent rentals?

    • The prices in the chart above reflect renting a generator to power the tent heater; however, the prices do not take into consideration fuel to run the generators.
    • Delivery and setup will also be additional cost and vary based on location and required setup and tear down times. For example, if a tent rental has to be removed at midnight when an event is over, it will cost significantly more than if the tent rental can be picked up during normal business hours.
    • The tent rental prices are estimates. Prices can vary based on types of tent sidewalls you select (walls with windows are more expensive than solid tent walls).  If the tents can’t be staked into the ground due to irrigation systems, there will be additional fees to rent water barrels.
    • You will need to add tent lighting, and may consider other tent accessories that will increase the price as well.

    This blog provides general guidelines for how to heat a party tent without electricity, but you can contact us to get a quote for your specific party needs. We would love to help you with your event!

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