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  • 2024: How Many Servers and How Much Food Needed for Your Event

    Let’s get straight to the point – you have a party to plan! Below is how we calculate servers and food no matter what size the event is.

    how many servers

    How many servers do I need for my party?

    A very general rule of thumb is 1 server for every 25 guests, but here are some more specific guidelines to help you determine how many servers you will need:

    • 1 Bartender for every 50 guests
    • For seated dinners, 1 server for every 2 tables
    • For a buffet, 1 server for every 40 guests

    How much food do I need for my event?

    appetizersIf you are serving a full meal, you will need approximately 1 pound per adult and 1/2 pound per child.  If you are only serving hors d’oeuvres, plan on 6 per person.  Here are more defined guidelines:

    • Appetizers – if you are only serving appetizers, plan on 6 per person.  If you are serving a full dinner, plan on 3 per person
    • Entrees – the meat portion per person is approximately 6 ounces
    • Sides – 1.5 cups per person. This is the total amount; so, if you are serving more than one side, the total of all sides should be 1.5 cups.
    • Bread – 2 pieces per person (everyone loves bread)
    • Dessert – for cakes or pastries, plan on 1 per person. For ice cream or other desserts like pudding, plan on 5 ounces per person.

    We love providing tools to help our customers figure out how much, how many, which kind etc. so email us at info@reventals.com if you have any questions about party rentals or your specific event.

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