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    There is no arguing that kids LOVE bounce house rentals at any party! Adults love them too, and not just because they keep the kids busy and wear them out by the end of the event. Here are our top bouncehouse rentals and other fun inflatables for rent.

    happy child jumping in bounce house

    1. Classic Bounce House Rentals
    2. Inflatables with Water Slide
    3. Christmas Inflatables
    4. Halloween Inflatables
    5. Obstacle Course Inflatable Rental
    6. Mechanical Bull Rental
    7. Bungee Run Inflatable Rental

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    Classic Bounce House Rentals

    Classic Bounce House Rental

    This Castle Bounce House is a classic option for a great kid’s party. Let them jump for hours and send them home worn out and ready for bed. Every parent will thank you! It is small in size for young kids (13’x13′) and an affordable option for everyone.

    Inflatables with Water Slide

    Inflatable water slide

    Classic inflatable water slide

    There are quite a few options of inflatables with water slides. Water slide rentals can be classic and simple, tropical themed, or dual purposes with wet/dry options. There are even combo waterslide rentals with bouncehouses attached. And some double waterslides allow for a race between participants which is always a blast! Keep in mind you will need close access to water to keep this wet and slippery for maximum fun!

    Christmas Inflatables Themed Bounce House Rentals

    Christmas Bounce House

    There are multiple inflatables for Christmas available to rent. A Christmas Gift Box bouncehouse, Santa’s Bounce House, Frosty the Snow Machine and Snowman Bounce House are crowd pleasers at any holiday event.

    Halloween Inflatables Themed Bounce House Rentals

    Halloween Bounce House

    Some bounce house rentals are offered with many theme options. This is one that can be any number of themes. It is a primary color bounce house and slide combo. Use it as is or choose your theme: Fall, Halloween, Robo Car, It’s a Girl Thing, Treasure Island, Happy Birthday, Frozen, Western, Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse, Noah’s Ark, Blue’s Clues, Buzz Lightyear, Disney Princess, Lilo N Stitch, Sports, Incredible Hulk, Monster’s Inc, Outerspace, Spiderman, Superman, SpongeBob, Little Mermaid, and Winnie the Pooh.

    Obstacle Course Inflatable Rental

    Inflatable obstacle course

    If you’ve got a competitive crew, an obstacle course rental is exactly what you need! Multiple options are available and this is truly enjoyed by everyone- from the littlest kids to adults. Evenly match your competitors or go with adults vs kids to see who is the champion!

    Extreme Inflatable Obstacle Course

    Mechanical Bull Rental

    Mechanical Riding Bull Rental

    If you’ve got a western theme to your event, do not miss out on adding a mechanical bull rental to you lineup of fun. It is a blast both to watch and participate!

    Bungee Run Inflatable Rental

    Inflatable Rental


    And finally, race against another competitor with a bungee strapped around your shoulders and see who can place the velcro baton the farthest down the unit. The Bungee Run Inflatable Rental is a favorite at all school events!

    What do I need to rent with my inflatable or bounce house rental?

    All inflatables require access to power, so a generator is typically recommended. Also, a water source will be required for water slides! You should also discuss with your facility and rental expert how the bounce houses will be secured into the ground. Sometimes facilities will not allow stakes to be put in the ground as it risks damage to the irrigation system, so water barrels or sandbags may be needed instead.

    Where can I get Bounce House Rentals near me?

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