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    Finding sponsors for your school event, whether it’s a carnival, fundraiser, or festival, can feel challenging when at first. However, you’ll quickly find that providing signage and other promotions for sponsors makes the arrangement mutually beneficial. Local business owners often love giving back to their communities while promoting their services. You can check out our full guide to securing event sponsors here and use the sponsorship request form letter below to reach out to them.

    Hello [Name of potential sponsor contact],

    [Name of school] is hosting a school carnival later this year on [event dates]. Since so many families at our school enjoy your business, our planning committee thought you would be a great potential partner for our event.

    We are offering sponsors [insert promotional and/or signage benefits here] in exchange for donations to support the event. Your sponsorship would not only help us put on this event for our students, but through our sponsor promotions, it could also help you attract additional local business. Since your business offers [describe the business’ services or products here], I thought that sponsoring the [highlight a complimentary portion of your carnival that the business might sponsor, e.g. a veterinarian might sponsor a petting zoo] would be a perfect fit.

    Your sponsorship would [list how the school would benefit from the sponsorship].

    Do you have time on [potential meeting date and time] to further discuss the details of this opportunity? Please let me know.


    [Your name]

    [Your contact information]

    While some parts of the letter above will be very similar across all of the copies you send, customizing it wherever possible to best suit the business you are approaching will yield the most success. If you need to build a more customized letter, here’s a great guide for writing sponsorship request letters. Now that you have a sponsorship letter to get you started, the next step is diving into contacting local businesses!

    As your team plans your next school event, be sure to check out all of our school event resources.

    Sponsorship Request Form Letter
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    Sponsorship Request Form Letter
    If you're seeking sponsors for a school event, this is the letter for you. This sponsorship request form letter will help you persuasively approach local sponsors.
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