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  • How to Use a Cotton Candy Machine Rental

    Cotton candy, candy floss, fairy floss or floss sugar. Whatever you call it, we all love the light and airy, pure sugary sweetness of a cotton candy treat. It is a simple and fun food to offer at your next event and it couldn’t be easier to set up, make and serve with a cotton candy machine rental. Here are some tips with what you need to know to make cotton candy and how to use your cotton candy machine rental so you are prepared as soon as it arrives!

    cotton candy

    How Does a Cotton Candy Machine Work?

    Here’s a simple lesson on the science behind cotton candy. Hopefully you can remember the states of matter and concept of centrifugal force we learned in 5th grade. 😉 As sugar is put into the cotton candy machine, heat melts the solid sugar into liquid form. While it heats, the machine head also spins, pushing the liquid sugar through tiny holes by centrifugal force. As it comes through the holes, it cools again forming thin, silky threads of cotton candy.

    How to Use a Cotton Candy Machine Rental

    Setup: Choose a stable, level surface near an electrical outlet to set up your cotton candy machine. Cotton candy machine rentals with a stand are also available if you won’t have a table to put it on.

    cotton candy machineInstructions: Your machine will come with specific instructions but most use a similar process. Use a damp cloth to wipe the inside of the cotton candy machine. This will help the sugar to adhere. Plug in the machine and let it warm up for a few minutes. Fill the floss pan with floss sugar and turn it on. To create the cones, hold the pointed end of the cotton candy cone and lift the floss from the bowl while twirling the cone. If it is not adhering well, touch the cone to the damp sugar near the spinner head, and try turning the cone in a figure-eight motion to create an extra fluffy cotton candy cone.

    Cleanup: Once you’ve used all of the sugar, leave the heat on for a minute or two to melt any remaining sugar in the floss head. Unplug the cotton candy machine rental. Then use a damp cloth to clean the machine head and bowl. Dry thoroughly.

    How Much Sugar Do You Need to Serve Cotton Candy?

    It takes about 1 ounce of sugar to make one serving or one cotton candy cone. The 1/2 gallon carton of typical floss sugar makes 60-70 servings, depending on how big you make the cones.

    How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Cotton Candy Machine?

    Cotton candy machine rentals start at $60/day. This is the rental charge for the machine only.table top cotton candy machine

    What Comes with my Cotton Candy Machine Rental?

    The rental cost covers the cotton candy machine rental only. Cotton candy cones, bags and flavored floss sugar are available to purchase with your rental at the following prices:

    Cones- $1.50 per 25 count

    Bags- $12 per 100 count

    Sugar- $9 per half gallon (makes 60-70 medium cones)

    Similar items can also be found on Amazon: Cones, bags, floss sugar.

    What Flavors of Cotton Candy Sugar are Available?

    Cotton Candy Flavors

    We have Blue Raspberry, Pink Vanilla, Grape & Cherry available.

    Can I Get Help Making and Serving the Cotton Candy?

    In Austin, professional spinners can also be booked to make gourmet cotton candy for your guests.Cotton Candy professional spinner

    Cotton Candy: An Allergy-Free Treat

    If you have a group concerned with food allergies, cotton candy is the perfect treat as it is free of the top 8 most common food allergens. It is simply sugar. As such, it is gluten-free, dairy/milk-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, soy-free, egg-free, shellfish-free and fish-free. The only thing to consider is sensitivity to food dyes and our gourmet cotton candy spinners have options for dye-free as well!

    What Other Questions do You Have?

    Email us at and we will find you the answer!

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