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  • Best Marketing Ideas for a School Carnival

    You’ve worked so hard to plan a great school carnival. Now, you need to be sure that the school knows about it, buys tickets and shows up! So, here are our top 3 ideas for spreading the word about your school carnival.

    Live Assembly Announcements/Skits

    green dinosaur school mascot

    One of the best ways to get students excited about an upcoming school event, like the Fall Festival or Spring Carnival, is to promote with a live announcement during the weekly assembly. Make this entertaining by using students and the school mascot, so that you can ensure the students enjoy and share the story with their parents. For example, our school does a little skit where 5th grade students practice and perform a script similar to below.

    Sample Skit Script

    Student #1: “Students, we have a special guest here with us today- Blue Jay Bob! We just have a few questions for our friend, but he’s going to need your help to answer. So when he holds up his sign, speak up, and help him answer.”

    Student #2: “Bob, do you know what’s happening out on the field and right here in the cafeteria and gym on Saturday, October 3rd?”

    Bob: Holds up a poster that says “YES!”

    Student #2: “Is it the Best Carnival EVER??!!”

    Bob: Holds up a poster that says “YES!”

    Student #1: “Have you already bought your wristband?”

    Bob: Holds up a poster that says “YES!”

    Student #2: “Are you going to do all the fun NEW carnival activities like climbing the Rock Wall, petting animals in the Petting Zoo, and riding the Train?”

    Bob: Holds up a poster that says “YES!”

    Student #1: “And did you hear?? The Spinning Tea Cups ride is back this year!!”

    Bob: Holds up a poster that says “YES!”

    Student #2: “Are you going to sign up to win the auction to be principal for the day, or name your school bus….or maybe to win a cool teacher basket?”

    Bob: Holds up a poster that says “YES!”

    Student #1: “Now this question is VERY IMPORTANT: Have your mom and dad signed up to volunteer that day?”

    Bob: Thinks for a bit…scratches head…and then holds up sign “YES!”

    Student #2: “Good. It’s important we get our parents to volunteer so we can show them how to have fun! So this is my last question for you, Blue Jay Bob…Do you want all these students to come to carnival with you this year?!”

    Bob: Dances around and holds up a poster that says “YES!”

    Student #1: “Don’t forget students: Carnival is next Saturday, from 11-4. Ask your parents to buy your wristbands online before it’s too late and plan to be there with Blue Jay Bob for a fun day of games, rides, treats, and prizes!”

    School Carnival Social Media Posts

    Next, social media posts are a great way to get parents’ attention and motivate action. Use fun, eye-catching images that insight curiosity, like the one below, used for the first time this school event was including a petting zoo. Make sure to include pertinent details in the text below the image like the date, time, and link to purchase tickets or wristbands.


    School Carnival Video Contest

    Another great way to both get students involved and make a splash on social media is to create a video contest! First, have students submit videos (with their parents’ permission) to encourage their friends to attend the school event. Then, videos could be shared on social along with an opportunity to vote for the people’s choice awards. Finally, the favorite video could be featured online and at the student assembly with a special award of a free wristband, tickets, or other prize.

    Adapt this to fit your school and the access to supplies or technology that would be needed. If a poster or logo design for the carnival is easier than video then, create a contest out of that!

    What other ways have you advertised your school carnival? We’d love to hear so that we can share great ideas with parents like you!

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