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  • 5 Video Tips for your Next Event


    When putting on an event, you probably know you need to consider not only seating, decor, food, entertainment, etc. but did you know that video should be on your list? I, for one, had considered event photos as being important but hadn’t thought much about video until just recently. And once I started reading about event videos, I couldn’t stop!

    Did you know, more than 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook every day? And, during the same timeframe on YouTube, more than 500 million hours of videos are consumed! The numbers are staggering and every year they are getting bigger. In fact, by 2020 online videos will account for over 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

    So, if videos are not part of your plan for your next event, you should definitely think again. Remember, one video clip per year just isn’t enough these days. The fast-paced nature of social media demands an almost constant digital “feeding”.

    Event Video Tips

    If you are going to include video, you may as well create something people are going to watch and share again an again. Here are some tips on how to make your event videos the best!

    1 – Keep It Short and Sweet

    The longer the video, the less likely people are to stay with it. In fact, many people won’t even start a video if it is long. 65% of people who watch the first 3 seconds of a Facebook video will watch for at least 10 seconds, only 45% will watch for at least 30 seconds and the number only drops from there. So, get your message out there fast so you don’t miss your opportunity to inform and capture your audience. Plus, shorter videos are much more likely to be shared. Check out this video from Tech Open Air which manages to highlight the different elements of the event in under 40 seconds!

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    2 – Whet the Appetite

    Live broadcasts can be used to attract visitors in the run-up to an event, without too much effort involved. This is such a great way to give people a taste of what is to come, entice them to the event, and give some sneak peaks. Plus, talk about “digital feeding” – you can start early and continue these broadcasts after the event to keep people thinking about what they have experienced (or missed).

    3 – Let Voices Speak for Themselves

    Take the key messages in the words of the speakers and attendees (and their voices) and piece them together in a video that not only summarizes the event but also leaves them wanting more (and in many cases entices them to attend). Check out this highlight video from Bits & Pretzels 2018.

    4 – Choose Your Tunes

    Music can help heighten emotions, spark memories, and captivate listeners. It’s no wonder using short statements and pictures to the rhythm of background music can get people excited about an event, keep them watching a video, and generally increase engagement. Most event videos have some music playing in the background and it’s important that it be relevant, draw on the emotions of the viewers, and leave them wanting more.

    5 – Take them on the Journey

    You want viewers to feel like they were there, are there, or want to be there. Videos that invoke feelings and show the event journey – who was there, what happened, and even how it felt allow people to relive the excitement and even get them ready for the next event.  Check out this Lollapalooza recap video:

    In summary, make sure not to leave videos off the To Do list for your next event. You can use these 5 tips to make sure your they give you the best bang for your buck!

    Candace Leak

    Candace is a 3x Start-up Founder and Certified Event Rental Professional (CERP). She geeks out on brainstorming bold ideas and then actually brings some of them to life. She is currently the CEO of Reventals, where her mission is to reduce overconsumption by making it as easy to rent as it is to buy.

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