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  • Trending Now: A Chocolate Fountain Makes for a Sweet Addition to your Party

    Chocolate Fountains: All the Rage

    Can you imagine any dessert table more pleasing than this one with a chocolate fountain buffet? The joy that comes from dipping your fruit or other treat into that decadent stream of chocolate is unmatched. And they just look so beautiful and elegant! We’ve seen them used at children’s birthday parties, sweet sixteens and bar/bat mitzvahs. We’ve seen them at elegant affairs like weddings and galas. And we’ve seen them at company parties and even tradeshows drawing a crowd. A chocolate fountain is always a good idea. If you’re thinking about one for your next event, here are some tips for making sure you create the best dessert table ever!

    Chocolate Fountain Dessert Bar


    Variety is Nice

    Most people try to think a little out-of-the box for their dippers, adding cheesecake, cookies or marshmallows to their selection of fruit and other sweets, butwhat about the chocolate dip itself? You can vary your flavor and color to match your party theme! This trio of chocolate fountains features typical brown chocolate, white chocolate and a pink strawberry cream fountain as well. Perfect for a Galentine’s brunch or happy hour with your gal pals. Or consider adding food coloring to achieve any color you please! What a fun way to incorporate event colors and treat your guests to something unexpected. Grab more Valentine’s themed ideas for your chocolate fountain dessert table here.

    Chocolate fountain trio

    Consider Size & Quantity

    Now that we have some aesthetic inspiration, let’s look at a practical issue. What size chocolate fountain should you rent for your party? Here’s a cheat sheet we use when answering this question for our customers.

    Chocolate Fountain for 2 Hours of Use

    Fountain Size Chocolate Number of People Average Price
    Small 7 lbs 50 $125
    Medium 11.5 lbs 150 $225
    Large 22.5 lbs 250 $325

    February Giveaway with American Party Rental

    Lucky for our Reventals customers and friends, we have a giveaway going on right now with American Party Rental. They have graciously offered a FREE RENTAL of a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN to winner! Conveniently located on Burnet Rd., the winner can simply check in for availability and pick it up for use at your next party or event. Super easy entry on our Instagram here. Giveaway ends Monday, February 11 so, don’t wait to enter!

    Chocolate Fountain Giveaway Entry

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