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  • Venue Spotlight: Moviehouse & Eatery (with a Giveaway!)

    Corporate meetings can really suck. Honestly, who actually wants to go to the annual meeting and hear the higher ups go on and on about company objectives, and blah, blah, blah? But, these meetings are important for communicating updates and information to the entire team. So why not put in a little effort to make it an event that everyone isn’t dreading, but that they actually enjoy! One of the best ideas we’ve heard for creating a “can’t wait to attend” corporate meeting is to host it in a fun environment like a movie theater. And the best thing about this idea is how easy and turn-key it is. Simply start by sharing the business presentation up on the big screen, and follow it with dinner and a movie for all of your employees.

    Best Corporate Events Hosted at a Movie Theater

    Many different types of businesses enjoy hosting their events at the movies. Amy Dial, Director of Marketing & Events at Moviehouse & Eatery in Austin, TX  shared that real estate groups, dental offices and financial services companies have hosted events in the theater. She said sometimes bigger corporations will rent out multiple screens and invite employees and their families to take their pick of movie. Other companies bring in movie trivia or play videogames. Local Austin filmmakers and TV show producers have brought in their own film to screen as well. And one super-fun event was when a local kids theater group came in to view their own performance so they could see it as the audience did. Everything is more exciting up on the big screen!

    Moviehouse Theater

    Here are some more ideas for the types of corporate meetings and events that would be fun to host at a movie theater:

    • Continuing Education
    • Employee Training
    • Quarterly/Annual Meeting
    • Employee Appreciation Event
    • Customer Appreciation Party
    • Holiday Office Party
    • Private Film Screening
    • Awards Ceremony

    About Moviehouse & Eatery

    Moviehouse LantanaThe Moviehouse & Eatery was started by real estate developers Rodney Speaks & Leslie Sloan back in November of 2012. The first location was at Trails at 620 in North Austin. Since then, they have expanded to include multiple locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, a second location in Austin on Southwest Parkway and coming soon, the first Houston, TX location. The founders’ story reflects the spirit of true Austin entrepreneurship. As real estate developers, the team did not have any specific experience in theaters or restaurants, but while working on the Trails at 620 retail development, decided to use a movie theater to anchor the development. As they considered the existing theater options, they just did not find one that they were excited to put in to the space. So, they decided to develop their own theater concept. Movie theaters all show the same movies, so how could they make theirs stand out? They decided to incorporate a scratch kitchen offering a rotating, seasonal menu of fresh choices, Moviehouse Baralong with a full cocktail bar. Their combination of business-savvy and determination paid off and their first location was a huge success, which encouraged them to expand to the multiple locations they have open for business today and plan to open in the near future. The owners continue to be very involved in operations and management and have built a fantastic team that is thrilled to do what they love and work with great people. One of their team members said it is truly the best scenario for work: working with and for great people while doing something fun and family-friendly.

    Did Someone Say Giveaway?

    Moviehouse & Eatery has generously offered a Gift Bucket valued at $150 to one lucky Reventals fan! This includes a 4-pack of tickets, $50 gift card, t-shirts, popcorn, candy and more from Moviehouse & Eatery. Use it to enjoy the wall-to-wall moviescreen, reserved plush recliner seating and delicious food from the scratch kitchen and bar with your family or friends.

    Moviehouse Giveaway Bucket

    Enter on our Instagram here Monday, March 25, 2019- Thursday, March 28, 2019. Winner will be announced Friday,  March 29, 2019.

    Best Corporate Event Venue- Movie Theater
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    Best Corporate Event Venue- Movie Theater
    How to use a movie theater as your corporate event venue for corporate meetings, customer and employee appreciation events and more. Includes special feature of The Moviehouse & Eatery offering wall-to-wall screens, reserved plush recliner seating, a scratch kitchen and bar.


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