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  • 2024: Types of Photo Booth Rentals

    Create a memorable moment for your guests with a photo booth.

    Photo booth rentals are great fun at any event! Are you having a wedding, baby shower, birthday or anniversary party? What better party favor to send your guests home with than a photo that they can save for a lifetime. Offer some silly props and let the fun begin. Who doesn’t want a photo with grandma in a feather boa acting silly?

    If you’re having an event to promote a business or launch a new product, you can use a branded backdrop with your photo booth and let your guests advertise for you. The images from your event can be instantly downloaded to social media and shared all over the world. Free advertising? Yes please!


    What type of photo booths are available?

    There are several to choose from depending on the amount of space you have available and what you would like to accomplish with the booth.

    Open Air Photo Booth

    An open air photo booth consists of a camera on a stand and a backdrop. This option typically comes with an attendant if the pictures will be printed out to make sure there are no technical difficulties. But, if you aren’t getting print outs, you don’t need an attendant.  Guests can run the booth: all they have to do is press start and pose. It also takes up the least amount of space. This photo booth comes with many backdrops and props to choose from and allows for many of your guests to pose together. The camera takes high quality digital color photos to print or share digitally.



    Detail of a woman sitting in photo booth

    Enclosed Photo Booth

    This photo booth is fully enclosed and allows the guests to pose and take photos in private. This option does take up a little more space than an open air booth but can be less distracting to those guests that are not taking photos at the time. Some old school  machines will only produce printed photos printed in a traditional strip style. Others will print the traditional style and also offer digital sharing.




    Green Screen

    Green screen backdrops are a lot of fun because they are fully customizable. The green screen (or chroma key) is replaced with digital images you choose. It’s like your event is in Austin but your backdrop makes it look like you’re in New York City. Green screen backdrops come in open air and closed photo booth options and include traditional photo printing and a digital option as well.




    Animated Photo Booth / GIF Maker

    The GIF maker is an option for open air and closed photo booths. This fun option takes three or four photos and then animates them for you to make a GIF (graphics interchange format). You can then share these on social media.


    How Much Do Photo Booth Rentals Cost?

    Pricing for photo booths ranges from $275- $2000, depending on the type you choose.

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    Fun Tip

    Whether you rent a photo booth for a marketing event, wedding, birthday… have your guests use a customized hashtag. It’s a free digital photo album!





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