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    Art of the Gala

    This week, Austin’s premier brand strategist, event producer and fundraising specialist, Jennifer Stevens, of JHL Company joined together with non-profit champion and journalist Monica Williams of Giving City to share their expertise at Art of the Gala with hundreds of non-profit leaders in Austin. The team curated a fabulous list of speakers and discussion leaders including Cindy Lo of Red Velvet Events, Sandy Marple of Neiman Marcus, Cassie LaMere of Lexus of Austin & Lakeway, among many others. They shared ideas on how to make an event magical, what corporations really want out of their non-profit and event sponsorships, and the importance of the first and last impression, which intentionally send guests home from the event saying “I loved that event because…” and continuing to talk about it for days and weeks to come. Making the most of all of these opportunities to wow your guests is what ultimately makes for a successful event.

    The Art of Swag

    Art of the Gala Jennifer Stevens, Brian Worley & Sandy Marple

    Creating Extraordinary Experiences with Jennifer Stevens, Brian Worley & Sandy Marple

    When it comes to that last impression, Sandy Marple of Neiman Marcus shared ideas like having live music outside after the event to serenade guests as they wait for their valet or a warm chocolate chip cookie to enjoy on their ride home. But what struck us was Brian Worley, of Bold Catering & Design, said about the importance of a well-curated swag bag. He explained that paper in a swag bag, those promotional flyers, leaflets, postcards and coupons are a complete waste as they end up immediately in the trash, without even a glance most of the time. In fact, he said that he thinks the ROI on those is not only nothing, but negative! Jennifer Stevens echoed his sentiments and explained that the best way to approach swag is to respectfully request that sponsors include a certain quantity of items with a specific dollar value and then curate the bags by combining various items for each level of attendee. Being specific in your request of quantity and dollar value, while communicating who these items will go to keeps your sponsors happy knowing their investment will be impactful on their target audience. Keep this concept in mind for your next event and attendees, who know the swag will be good, will also be excited to get an invitation for subsequent years!

    Art of the Gala Jeremiah Bentley, Cassie LaMere, Lisa Trahan & Rob Golding

    “What Sponsors Want” with Jeremiah Bentley, Cassie LaMere, Lisa Trahan & Rob Golding

    Perfect Party Favors- Food Pun Coasters by Marie Saba

    Chef & Author Marie Saba

    Chef & Author Marie Saba

    So how does this idea translate to a small party at a private home? How can a hostess best thank her guests for taking time out of their busy schedules and send them home with a little momento to remember the fun of the gathering? We have discovered the perfect take-home gift for evoking a memory of joyful times shared between friends. Marie Saba is a seasoned chef, food artist and cookbook author. Her website Cocina Marie shares her recipes, book and fabulous food art. She keeps us in stitches with her daily Instragram posts which reveal her witty sense of humor and the PIES! You must see her beautiful pies! While home with her young children, Marie has taken a small step back from her busy career to enjoy their growing up, and meanwhile, translated her popular food puns into the perfect dinner party favor: Food Pun Coasters. These would also be the perfect addition to any swag bag, or could even be used as hostess gifts throughout the holiday season as well!

    Puntastic Coaster Giveaway

    Food Pun Coaster

    Along with Marie, Reventals is giving away fifteen 4-packs of Food Pun Coasters from Marie’s witty collection (Retail Value $135). Head over to this Instagram post to enter today! Giveaway ends Monday, October 29, 2018. See more details here.


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