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  • Confessions of a Pinterest Mom

    I admit it…I’m hooked.  I love Pinterest and all the amazing ideas that come with it.  As a mom of 4 kids 6 and under, I especially love the kid stuff: decorating for kids, kid crafts, kid parties, … and the list goes on.  And I don’t stop at Pinterest, I love to create new things – pull themes from Google, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. together to pull off amazingly creative stuff.  And when I don’t have time to do it all, I come up with the ideas and I outsource it.  

    Most recently, I focused all these efforts on throwing a 5th birthday party for my daughter.  I know she would have happily had a bounce house and a piñata and called it a day but that wouldn’t be nearly as fun would it?  So, we settled on a cookie decorating party and decided to have it at our “new” house – a future demo project that happens to be sitting empty.  It was a lot of work but anyone could pull this off…even if you’re not a Pinterest mom.  Here’s how:

    What you need:

    • Tables and chairs – especially important if you don’t hold the party at home – available on here
    • Party supplies – plates, napkins, cups, utensils, table cloths, happy birthday banner, etc.  in the theme of your choice – tons of choices on Amazon.  We used these rainbow unicorns
    • Piñata and loot – available at Party City or your local party supply store – I filled mine with rainbow starburst, dum dums, and mardi gras beads – all very cheap in bulk at Party City


    • Cookies and icing – this is where you can outsource – if you are in Austin, check out – my friend Megan is amazing and made rainbow unicorn cookies with special sprinkles and icing in squeeze bottles for the kids to decorate.  The cookies were easy and adorable!  



    • Aprons – you can rent these, buy them or make them.  I bought aprons in rainbow colors and embroidered the kids’ names on them (you can totally do it without their names but I can sew so why not?).  Then I hung them on the wall as decoration.   
    • Glitter handled spoons – I made these following the instructions here: Making Glitter Spoons   or you can buy them on Etsy here. I also found some cute tags on Etsy from NecessiTees to tie around the spoons.  

    • Cake – I bought a plain cake from Whole Foods and topped it with some extra special cookies from

    • Food/Snacks/Drinks – available from your local grocery (or Costco where I buy everything!).  I put mine in some tin buckets and labeled them with chalk labels.

    When the kids arrived at our party, they found their aprons and headed out to decorate some cookies on the patio.  After they were done and had had a snack, we hit the piñata, collected our treasures (you can use the apron pockets as collection bags), and finished up with some delicious cake.  The kids had a blast and I was a happy Pinterest mom since the whole thing was so darn cute.  I just wish I had taken a picture of all the kids in their party aprons!

    Sara Feulner

    A lifelong entrepreneur and start up junkie, Sara loves technology, culture, ideas, and people! Prior to her current quest to raise 4 young children to be creative risk takers, Sara studied at Harvard Business School and lived and worked both in Austin and Internationally building great teams and great Companies.

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