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  • Art Bra Austin 2018 – Meet a Model

    She always looks this gorgeous.

    Like most moms, I’m the last one to get ready to go somewhere because I have to get everyone else ready first. This often results in me showing up to school events with a ponytail, blue jeans and flip flops. I’m always in awe of the moms that are beautifully put together: hair, makeup and gorgeous clothes. Carolyn Skyles is one of these moms. To top it off she had an amazing career as a real estate agent in Austin for over 15 years.

    I’ve gotten to know her because she is one of the leaders of my daughter’s Daisy Scout troop. Now until this year, that title would not have meant all that much to me. But, oh my gosh – I thank myself every time we have a meeting that I didn’t volunteer for this position. It requires a TON of prep work plus it’s like herding 25 kittens and getting them to do crafts during the meetings.

    You’ve got the picture now – put together, successful, great mom and giving of her time. You would probably look at her and think: “she has nothing to worry about.” Well, what I didn’t know until fairly recently was that a few years ago Carolyn’s life was far from “perfect” when she was going through a divorce at the same time as she was dealing with breast cancer.

    While she had an incredible support system of loving friends and family, she still felt extremely overwhelmed especially right after her diagnosis because she really didn’t know any other women in her age group who had been treated for breast cancer. One day she received a call from a patient navigator at BCRC (Breast Cancer Resource Center). This woman (who is also a breast cancer survivor) was reaching out to offer support, guidance, answer questions, and introduce her to the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls, an amazing support group of other breast cancer patients and survivors in Austin. Carolyn said finding out about this group did so much for her because she was then able to connect with and learn about the experiences of other women to whom she could actually relate.


    Art Bra Austin 2018

    Because of her gratitude and appreciation for the BCRC, Carolyn is inspired to give back to this organization that does so much for women battling breast cancer.  She is one of the 40 models at Art Bra Austin 2018. “Art Bra Austin is a fully costumed, professionally produced runway show and auction to raise funds to support local women affected by breast cancer.” Additionally, she has a fundraising page where anyone can donate money to help support the BCRC.

    The event is June 2, 2018 at the JW Marriott. I haven’t been to the event yet, but I’ve talked to several that have, and the consensus is that it is amazing to see all of the art and also very fun. I’m a multitasker so I love when I can have a great night out with my husband and also give to a great cause.




    I was wrapping up this blog when I found this video, which captures another client’s story. I had to share it (get your tissue out!)

    If you can’t attend the event, you can donate to Carolyn’s personal fundraising page here or directly to BCRC.



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