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  • 2018 Trends in Event Decor

    With each season and each year come new trends in parties and events. Not only does this keep everyone guessing but it keeps us all on our toes when event planning and, of course, makes every event that much more fun. Below are some of this year’s Event Decor Trends to consider when planning your next big event:

    Show Your Personality

    When planning your event, think about how you can do more than just fill a room with decorations that go along with a theme or holiday. Events provide a unique opportunity to express the personality of a brand, nonprofit, or host. For event planners, the challenge is to create an event that will not only impress guests but will create a memory that lasts a lifetime.

    Don’t Be Afraid of Color

    Go Big on Lighting

    Don’t worry – candles and uplighting aren’t going anywhere but colored lights are making their way into events as an opportunity to make a statement or even to provide entertainment. Imagine a giant light bright to entertain guests or event an augmented reality gaming wall to light up a room. Make sure to consider lighting as part of your event planning. It can be a big expense but can also play a part in decor, entertainment, and memory making.

    Make it Shiny with Metallic

    This isn’t the first time metallic has made an appearance in events and for good reason, event planners just can’t resist that stylish shine. Gold and silver continue to lead the pack with rose gold holding its own as a favorite choice for vintage events. If you want something a bit newer, consider copper which makes an elegant statement for everything from vases to centerpieces.

    Go Bold With Linens

    Gone are the days of plain white tablecloths. Linens are a chance to make bold color, pattern, and texture choices that wow guests. Think unique, mix your colors, and make a statement!

    Vary the Table Decor

    With the ultimate goal of every event being a unique experience, consider a range of table decorations designed to tell a story and invite conversation. While maintaining a cohesive tone that complements the rest of the event decor, make sure each table is different, and ultimately, exciting!

    Make a Memory

    Don’t forget that not only should your event be memorable, you need to be sure you have a way for guests to capture those memories. What better way than a new age photo booth?

    No matter who your attendees are, everyone loves a good glamour moment in front of the camera. Gone are the days of disposable cameras and professional photographers, interactive displays with themed props are all the rage in 2018. After all, getting guests to re-post their memories and share with their friends, families, co-workers, and industry professionals will create buzz and ensure the memories are set in “virtual” stone.

    So, make it big, make it bold, make it unique, and make it the event guests are talking about for years to come.

    Sara Feulner

    A lifelong entrepreneur and start up junkie, Sara loves technology, culture, ideas, and people! Prior to her current quest to raise 4 young children to be creative risk takers, Sara studied at Harvard Business School and lived and worked both in Austin and Internationally building great teams and great Companies.

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